MultiMED Medical System

(R)evolution in Healthcare


Innovative medical system

In an era of internet and delocalized services, MultiMED successfully responds to people's need for specialized medical services provided at home or in mobile units.

MultiMED breaks the gap between today’s medical equipment and tomorrow’s IoT technology, in order to eliminate barriers between medical personnel and patients.

MultiMED provides turnkey solutions for the next generation of patient care system:

  • Mobile medical units with integrated medical and IT equipment;

  • Innovative cooperative platform for multidisciplinary medical teams working remotely in real-time with patients;

  • Next generation telemedicine platform, seamlessly integrated with the mobile medical units.

What is MultiMED?

  • Innovative medical system that crunches distances between medical specialists and patients

  • Integrated solution for mobility and telemedicine, increasing healthcare services accessibility

  • New approach in providing healthcare services, placing the patient in the focus of the process and reducing time needed for diagnostics

  • Cost-efficient alternative to traditional medical clinics and hospitals where volumes do not justify the investment

Doctor to Doctor

Telemedicine system

The major added value of the system is the ability to immediately transfer relevant medical information from the patient's location to the medical specialists’ locations, allowing simultaneous case analysis from all over the world.

The system will dramatically increase the access to healthcare services for people in areas where virtually no medical infrastructure is present, providing them instant access to highly specialized medical doctors, on a remote basis.

This ability is a major cost optimization tool for the healthcare providers, by maximizing the use of the specialists' time so they can solve more cases in the same time interval, thus increasing productivity.

The solution represents a very useful tool for expanding the reach of classic medical providers towards areas where their physical networks of clinics/ hospitals are not yet developed.

Doctor-to-Doctor (D2D)

  • A technical hardware / software platform that implements a cooperation protocol and handles all medical data (text, video, audio, photo, document);

  • Middleware for seamless integration between existing medical equipment and telemedicine web-based services;

  • Telemedicine web-based services, seamless integrated with the MultiMED mobile unit management software application;

  • Web application for remote medical specialists optimised for both desktop and mobile terminals;

  • Simultaneous audio/video communication between multiple specialists;

  • Dispatch server web service for management of the concurrent calls between medical personnel;

  • Dispatch call centre web-based application for use by the dispatch operator (management of the administrative processes of the case: programming of the doctors involved, personal information management, invoicing, auditing).

Doctor to Doctor Doctor to Doctor

Doctor-to-Patient (D2P)

  • Patient software platform for online remote doctor consultations;

  • Support for multiple simultaneous sessions – one patient to many doctors;

  • Support for upload and view of medical data in any format (text, video, audio, photo, document, etc.);

  • Middleware for seamless integration between self-use medical equipment (e.g. thermometer, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, etc.) and telemedicine web-based services;

  • User friendly interface optimized for both desktop and mobile;

  • Social media integration for easy sharing of data and experience.

Doctor to Patient (D2P) Doctor to Patient

Consult@Home mobile units

Home consult mobile units have been designed to facilitate visits to patients in their home, to collect medical information, to perform clinical examinations and tests.

Mobile medical units have a robust design and are built on a small utility van platform at the highest quality standards.

The mobile medical units are organized with two dedicated sections: a self-contained medical laboratory and a mobile medical cart storage area.

At Home At Home

Mobile hospital units

The mobile hospital units have been designed to provide mobile medical infrastructure wherever is needed. These high mobility towable units can be expanded with the push of a button to a hospital of 30 sqm.

While the units are completely autonomous, a 4x4 vehicle is needed to tow the units to the place of work. During transport the units have a 2,5 meter gauge in order to meet the road traffic legislation, but when required to work the volume of the unit doubles.

Having a complete endowment for medical activities, the units have all furniture, medical and IT equipment fixed inside and medical personnel can start working within 15 minutes after reaching the site.

The workspace of the unit can be configured depending on application, as: consultation unit, sample harvesting and testing, quarantine unit, intensive care unit, mobile surgery unit or any other configuration.

Mobile Hospital
MultiMED medical system is developed by Gnosis Group and eSolutions.

Evomed part of Gnosis Group, is a MedTech company set out to change the paradigm in healthcare. Our company has a focus on clinical research of new medical protocols and new technology development in the field of healthcare.


eSolutions is a technology company, with a focus on improving the business processes that stand behind the software. We build, implement and develop Big Data solutions for key market verticals, using microservices architectures for apps that are both stable and scalable.

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